Being Salt and Light in Bayville, NJ

Spiritual Gifts

When you accepted Jesus as your Savior, you were given at least one spiritual gift to use to help advance God’s kingdom. Identifying and understanding our spiritual gift(s) is the first step to effectively and passionately serving God. Below are free, age-appropriate spiritual gift assessments that can be completed online at your convenience, providing immediate results.
  • Spiritual Gifts Test for Youth: The youth spiritual gifts test is specifically designed for those in middle school and high school (6th–12th grade).
  • Spiritual Gifts Test for Adults: The adults spiritual gifts test is appropriate for both new believers and mature Christians. It is designed for adults but may also be appropriate for older teens who have a more deeply developed faith.
Looking for ways to use your newly discovered gifts at Living Water Community Church? We have something for everyone. A current, detailed list of opportunities where you can volunteer to serve are available online, organized by LWCC ministry area. Check it out, connect with a ministry leader by email, and begin using the gifts God’s given you today.